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100% Luxury Merino Wool Pet Bed Cat / Dog Black 60 x 40cm MEDIUM

100% Luxury Merino Wool Pet Bed Cat / Dog Black 60 x 40cm MEDIUM

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Merino Wool dog beds are pure luxury for your pets, they have many benefits as well as looking good. We have produced this product in several colours to suit your home, your pet will be sleeping soundly because of the sheepskin’s natural warmth. This would make a great gift for an animal lover.

  • 100% Merino Wool, Foam Filling
  • Natural
  • Naturally Dyed
  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Finish: Naturally dyed 
  • Certification: Woolmark
  • Care instructions: Care for your wool:
  • Wool is very low maintenance as it’s
  • naturally self cleaning. If you do need to spot clean or would like to clean the full piece, we advise cleaning in luke warm temperature (max 25 celsius).
  • If you would like to use detergent, we only
  • advise wool wash or lanolin as harsh detergents can damage the wool’s natural properties.
  • Do not dry on a heater or tumble dryer.
  • We recommend drying flat on a line outside.
  • Colour: Black 
  • Dimensions: (cm) Length: 60 Width: 40 Depth: 10 Weight kg: 1.2

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