Collection: Larissa modern light oak finished mango wood

Larissa modern light oak finished mango wood

The Larissa collection will stand out in your interior thanks to its understated look and subtle originality. The beautiful grain pattern and rattan design are a lovely addition. Perfect for the modern home. It has been constructed from 100% solid mango wood in an oak-ish finish and features nordic style legs and general design.


Discover the exquisite Larissa collection, a perfect blend of understated elegance and subtle originality. Elevate your interior with its captivating beauty, showcasing a stunning grain pattern and intricate rattan design. Crafted from high-quality 100% solid mango wood, this collection boasts a modern light oak finish that exudes sophistication. With its Nordic-style legs and overall design, Larissa seamlessly integrates into contemporary homes, bringing a touch of timeless charm. Transform your space with Larissa's harmonious fusion of natural aesthetics and modern sensibility. Elevate your home decor with this exceptional collection today.

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